Knittany Lion Sweater Grid

Imagine having a truly unique gift for your Penn State student - their very own custom sweater with that lovable brute mascot of ours, the Nittany Lion!

  Well, now you can knit your very own!

With the Knittany Lion Sweater Grid Knitting Package, you get all the direction you'll need to create a striking pattern that any Penn State fan would surely love.  The design was carefully drawn to evoke the beautiful lines of the famed Nittany Lion, while still capturing its strength and poise - making it perfect for guys and gals alike!

Choose your own type and color of yarn, follow the easy-to-use directions, and before you know it you'll have the best gift ever!

What's included in the Knittany Lion Sweater Grid Knitting Package?

You'll receive a high-resolution printout of the Knittany Lion Sweater Design Grid showing stitch pattern, yarn choice, and all measurements (a second copy is included in case the first gets damaged or lost).  In addition to the main Design Grid, you'll also receive a comprehensive Totstitch Guide showing patterns to enhance the contours, shadows, and key design elements.

Please note:  This design grid is for the artistic image of the Knittany Lion design only, and does not include design or instructions for knitting an entire sweater.  We believe the many sweater design choices available out there for size, shape, yarn type, color, style, stitch, etc., together with our unique design, make your final hand-knitted sweater a truly unique gift.

How was the artwork turned into the grid design?

Knittany Lion Pencil SketchA sketch of the Nittany Lion in its most powerful, ready-to-pounce stance was created first.  The goal here was to show the most striking view of the lion, with the strength and confidence it evokes, while still capturing the simple, natural beauty of the face and body.  The pencil sketch was then cleaned-up and from that a final rendering was done in colored pencil on heavy Bristol Board.

Knittany Lion Grid Layup The next step was the most difficult - strategically choosing color, position, and overlay stitches to best duplicate the rendering.  For this most important step we chose to tap the exceptional talents of veteran knitter Fran Curry who then painstakingly transformed the artwork into, well, a true work of sweater grid art!

Knittany Lion Grid DesignThe grid Fran created was then transposed into a structured drawing file on the computer and professionally printed on durable, heavy stock paper.

Why don't we offer a completed sweater with the design already done?

Our goal in creating the Knittany Lion Sweater Grid Knitting Package was to provide knitters the ability to create a truly unique design for the front or back of a sweater, or even a warm throw for those chilly Fall days at a game.  We don't want your favorite student to encounter the exact same "unique gift" on someone else at a tailgate gathering in Beaver Stadium.  Further, we do want to see the design displayed in many different ways and forms.  We think it will be pretty neat to see someone else's version, and will make for lots of fun comparing the similarities as well as the different yarn types, colors, styles, and stitch choices.

So next time you're at a game, look out for the other "Knittany Lions" out there, and start comparing yours to theirs.  Before you know it there will be a vote to see who's is coolest, boldest, oddest, or warmest!

How can I order my very own Knittany Lion Sweater Design Grid ?

The Knittany Lion Sweater Grid Knitting Package sells for $29.95
plus $6.00 shipping.

(Pennsylvania residents are chaged 6% sales tax)

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About the Artist . . .

The artwork for the Knittany Lion Sweater Grid Knitting Package was designed by Dave Oxenreider.  Dave is a Penn State graduate (BA-Art, Animation - '90) and has a small animation business in Boiling Springs, PA called Singularity Arts.